Articles submitted should usually not exceed 10,000 words, including notes, and should adhere to generally accepted academic standards. All submissions should be in the most recent MLA style, and should be in Microsoft Word or a compatible format. Please refer to the ImageTexT website for more information.

Please submit your article with no identifying information (no name, university affiliation, etc.) present on the document. In addition to your article, please submit a cover letter (up to 300 words) and biographical statement (40-80 words). Do not embed images in the text of your article; instead, clearly indicate (along with Figure numbers, citation, and any descriptive labels) where images occur. Images or video should be uploaded in a .zip file. Images should be of the highest possible quality, and be in .png, .gif, or .jpg format.

Authors should adhere to fair use policy when considering images; send only those that are necessary, and as few full pages as possible. Articles should engage elements of visual analysis, the imagetextual relationships in comics, and demonstrate a solid grounding in the theoretical issues relevant to the field.